Cleaners and Additives

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  • International Matting Additive 750ml

    International Matting Additive 750ml

    £18.75 (ex. VAT)
    International Matting Additive is a matting solution for mixing with 1-pack International finishes and varnishes to produce a satin or matt effect finish. A 1:1 mix with Toplac produces a similar gloss to Goldspar Satin varnish. May be added up to 1:3 by volume for a flat-matt finish. For interior and exterior use.
  • International Non Slip Additive 20g

    International Non Slip Additive 20g

    £4.16 (ex. VAT)
    International Non-Slip Additive is a synthetic, granular material that can be added to topside finishes prior to application or sprinkled onto wet paint as an aid to providing a more slip-resistant finish. As with the matting additives, the final result is determined by the amount of material added into the finish. For addition to International Paint gloss finishes and varnishes to provide a non-slip surface. Non-Slip Additive is effectively colourless when mixed into paint, so no change in shade should be observed. 1 sachet per 750 ml paint.
  • International Polwax Polish and Wax - 500ml

    International Polwax Polish and Wax - 500ml

    £12.49 (ex. VAT)
    Polwax is a cleaner, a polish and adds a wax effect all in one single pack bottle. It is a quick and easy solution and is safe for use on fibreglass and all painted surfaces. It is constructed with a low odour formulation that is completely free from silicone oils and suitable for manual or machine use (800-1000rpm). Available only in a 500ml bottle.
  • International Super Cleaner - 500ml

    International Super Cleaner - 500ml

    £10.42 (ex. VAT)
    International Super Cleaner is a high strength cleaner for use on GRP and painted surfaces to remove wax, grease and dirty marks. International Super Cleaner is the first stage of surface preparation prior to painting. Biodegradable.
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