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  • International Thinners No. 1

    International Thinners No. 1

    From: £6.50
    £5.42 (ex. VAT)
    Thinner No.1 is suitable for thinning and/or equipment cleaning in association with: 1­Pack Paints and Varnishes ­ Yacht Primer, Toplac®, Interlux® Super, PreKote, Interdeck®, Danboline, Batbets Interstain, Original, Goldspar®, Goldspar Satin, Schooner®, Schooner Gold, Compass, Intertuf® JBA016/Interteer "Vrij"
  • International Thinners No. 3

    International Thinners No. 3

    From: £10.50
    £8.75 (ex. VAT)
    Thinner No.3 is suitable for thinning Antifoulings, Bottom Coatings and other Special Paints such as Micron® Extra, Micron CSC, Micron WQ, Cruiser® Premium, Cruiser Superior, Cruiser, Cruiser Future/Eco, Interspeed Extra Strong, Interspeed Ultra, Prima, Trilux, Soft Antifouling, Boatgard, Waterways, Fabi®, CT, Kobberstoff, Waterways Future/Fabi Eco, Veridian Tiecoat, Veridian Topcoat, Primocon®, Motorfarg and Interstrip AF. Suitable for equipment cleaning in association with all of the above products and also for Micron Optima, Micron Future/Eco and Lago Racing II.
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